About Us

VUIMN is an informal network of experienced researchers with a common interest in research on innovation to complement research for innovation. It is argued that having great ideas is a necessary but not sufficient aspect of innovation. Organising and doing something with these ideas is what delivers value. Our focus is on innovation management practice

The researchers that established VUIMN had met at national and international conferences over a number of years more frequently than they had met at home. They had also identified some common research interests and some complementary interests. In 2010 a small subgroup explored the idea of meeting locally a few times a year, and the first meeting was held in 2011, where it was decided to establish a network.

Whilst the initiating members knew some of the others, they did not know everybody. From a series of individual show-and-tell presentations, it became clear that as a collective, the group could explore a broad range of common-interest topics, that the group supervised a significant number of higher degree research students, and they they had connections with a variety of international research groups. From this point of view, VUIMN can be regarded as a network of independent networks.

The group is coordinated through a management forum that meets a few times a year to frame the future direction of the network and assign tasks to members by agreement. Forum meetings are held at member university premises on a rotation basis. The group is resourced primarily through in-kind contributions. It aims to support at least one event each year where people from academia, industry and government can meet to discuss a topical innovation management subject and to facilitate at least one ongoing common-interest project.

A list of individuals who contributed to the formation of VUIMN in its first year of operation is shown on the following page. http://vuimn.org.au/drupal/node/9