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by Ron Beckett - Thursday, 2 April 2015, 08:57 PM


This site was first established on June 25 2012, and is still under development. It is intended to host three kinds of activities:

  • Provide access to notes and discussion groups associated with the VUIMN management forum
  • Provide a place for developing new project ideas
  • Provide a place for sharing content related to events and member projects

Some further background on the potential use of this facility can be viewed in the Learning Laboratory course and the Proposal Development Guidelines, signing in as a guest with the key academia


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  • The term Learning Laboratory is used in a number of different contexts and may involve access to physical equipment to experiment and learn from what is observed. Some virtual laboratories use simulations instead of physical equipment. In our case we are not helping novices to learn with the aid of a laboratory, but we are providing a space for researchers to learn from and with each other. From that point of view, this facility may be regarded as a sophisticated on-line lab book.

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  • Here each meeting is summarised in a social format with minutes attached

  • Many professional associations accredit courses or deliver courses leading to accreditation of their members as a way of maintaining standards. There are also other less formal kinds of accreditation such as achieving black belt status in lean manufacturing practice. This proposal suggests comparable arrangements may be beneficial in the field of innovation management, as innovation is becoming an important management tool in both business and community settings.

  • The purpose of this program is to suggest guidelines for research proposals, drawing on arrangements that have been successful in other collaborative research settings

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  • Australia has a splendid track record in many sports, and sport makes significant social contribution to the community. Victoria in particular also gains economic benefits from hosting major sporting events. Some of its Universities offer a variety of sports management courses, have links with spotting organisations, and support innovation in the development of sporting goods and services. The evolving sport marketing discipline explores how entrepreneurship occurs through innovation, proactiveness and risk taking activities.

    Sport innovation is a cross-disciplinary field involving people, technology and organisation combinations that make both practical and business sense. Different disciplines within Victorian Universities are researching individual elements of this field, and this VUIMN project seeks to bring them together in the style of an innovation network.

  • In this research program we explore roles and deployment arrangements associated with two kinds of innovation champions. The first group is individuals promoting and supporting the implementation of a particular idea, where we are concerned about their identification and development. The second group is individuals or institutions that provide structures that support the flow of multiple innovations. Here we are concerned about systems of innovation and links with strategy. Whilst the program emphasis is on innovation leadership, individual subprojects cut across other VUIMN research themes related to use of technology, organisation and solutions to social and environmental challenges

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This site has been established as a Victorian Universities Innovation Management Network (VUIMN) member space for sharing information and developing ideas. It uses a software engine, moodle,  in the style of a virtual learning environment where 'courses' may be established in a weekly activity style, in the style of a forum, or as a set of topics associated with research projects. Within each course, files and content can be uploaded for sharing and there is access to a wide variety of tools such as blogs and wikis.  The access and role assignment arrangements provide great flexibility in deciding what may be viewed, what may be worked on and by who.

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